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ACCHD is now vaccinating individuals ages 12 and up. Visit 503 Hill Street in Lufkin to #TakeYourShot against COVID-19.
Walk-in, register online at or call (936) 630-8500 for details.

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July 9, 2021- COVID-19 is not gone, it is alive and spreading in non-vaccinated individuals. The COVID-19 Delta variant is the current most aggressive and contagious form of COVID-19 and it has public health officials across the globe alarmed. With increased symptoms and increased chances of hospitalizations and death the Delta variant is not going away, but will continue to spread and mutate.


According to the CDC – today – the COVID-19 Delta variant accounts for 51.7% of all new COVID-19 infections in the United States, and in Texas 58.8% of all new COVID-19 infections. This is five times higher than the prevalence just four weeks ago.  


This spells trouble for East Texans including Polk, Angelina and San Augustine counties in the ACCHD public health preparedness jurisdiction. With our proximity and travel patterns to larger metropolitan cities such as Houston and Dallas, of course the Delta variant is already here in our counties and circulating among the unvaccinated.


Angelina and Polk county lag behind the State of Texas in all categories of vaccination. For those individuals 12 years old and older that are fully vaccinated in Texas = 50.30%, Angelina only 36.05% and Polk at 34.6%.


Now is the time to be vaccinated before COVID-19 finally catches up to YOU through the new Delta variant and you in-turn are infectious to other unvaccinated individuals who may very well be your family member.


Contact the Coronavirus Call Center at 936.630.8500 for information about where YOU can go to be vaccinated today.


Sharon Shaw

Angelina County & Cities Health District

It will take time for Texas’ vaccine supply to meet the demand, so we are not guaranteed a set number of doses or access to a particular vaccine.

For more information on COVID-19 and the Texas COVID-19 Vaccination Plan, please visit:

State agencies have designated Angelina County as a vaccination hub, which means Angelina County will receive a supply of COVID-19 vaccine every week. Please call the Coronavirus Call Center for information: 936.630.8500, 8 am – 4 pm, Monday-Friday.
Please do not call Angelina County & Cities Health District's main number for COVID-19 testing or vaccination information as we are assisting other community members with direct healthcare services.
Angelina County & Cities Health District would like to thank the individuals, businesses and organizations who volunteered to help plan and staff our COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics. Please click here to review the list of people who have stepped up and stepped out to #ProtectEastTexas.
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Please arrive 45 minutes before closing to ensure time for processing for needed services.
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