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The Angelina County & Cities Health District oversees the inspection and licensing of all retail food service establishments in Angelina County.

> Fixed Facility Plan Review Application
> Health Permit Application (Fixed Facility)
> Mobile Facility Plan Review Application
> Mobile Food Unit Agreement
> Foster Home Sanitation Inspection Application
> Temporary Event Permit Application
> Public Swimming Pool Application
> Health Permit Renewal Application
Those seeking renewals should send them to the Environmental team: or

> Health Permit Application
For new food establishments or existing food establishments requiring renovation or construction the first step of the process to obtain a Food Establishment Permit from the Health Department is to go through a plan review process.

Whenever a food establishment is constructed or remodeled or whenever an existing structure is converted to use as a food establishment, plans and specifications for such construction, remodeling or conversion must be submitted prior to the start of such construction, remodeling or conversion. The owner will have the final responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the plans and specifications, as well as for subsequent construction and installation.

Note: Construction of the food establishment cannot begin until the Health Department has completed its commercial plan review process.

Before Construction Begins
Fill out and submit the Food Establishment Permit Application Part A & B to the Health Department.

  • Application fee: To be determined. Pro-rated permitting fees dependent on opening date. (Cash, check, or money order.)
  • Submit application in person or via mail:
    Angelina County & Cities Health District                                 Questions? Call us at (936) 632-9109
    ATTN: Environmental Division
    503 Hill Street
    Lufkin, TX 75901

Once Construction is Completed
Contact the Health Department to schedule a pre-opening inspection. Please call at least 3 days before the day you would like the inspection to take place.

The following requirements must be met for the pre-opening inspection:

  • Plumbing, mechanical and electrical final approvals must be available.
  • A food manager must be present with a Texas Certified Food Manager card.
  • Refrigerators must be set at 41°F or lower and freezers at 0°F or lower with working thermometers in each unit.
  • Facility must be clean with no construction material in kitchen and related areas.
  • No food or utensils are allowed in the establishment prior to the inspection by the Health Department.
  • A final menu must be provided.

Please note that all the steps listed above are required before an inspector can do the pre-opening inspection.

Obtaining Food Handling Certifications
All food service establishments shall have a Certified Food Manager on-site at all times and all other food employees, as defined in 25 TAC 228.2 (56), are required to obtain a food handler certification within 30 days of employment.

A list of Accredited Food Handler Training Programs may be found online at

Obtaining a Tax ID Number and City Permit
You must have a sales tax ID number and all applicable city permits before you submit a permit application. Please visit the local comptroller’s office online at or call (936) 634-2621 for information about obtaining a sales tax ID number. Contact the local City official listed below for all other permit and/or inspections that may be needed concerning electrical, plumbing certificate of occupancy, grease traps and etc.

City of Diboll (936) 829-4757
City of Huntington (936) 422-4195
City of Zavalla (936) 897-3311
City of Hudson (936) 875-2358
City of Lufkin (936) 633-0248

The following list of equipment and facility requirements was developed in response to frequently asked question from new establishment owners. It is not a complete list. For more detailed requirements, refer to the Texas Food Establishment Rules.

Equipment and Facility Requirements

  • A 3-compartment sink to wash, rinse, and sanitize equipment and utensils. A mechanical dishwasher may also be utilized
  • Hand wash sink(s) conveniently located in the food preparation area(s)
  • Employee restroom(s) with hand wash facilities
  • Hot and cold water under pressure at all sinks
  • A mop sink or curbed cleaning facility for mops and wastewater disposal
  • A sewage disposal system that is properly constructed, maintained, and operated
  • Food establishment must have easily cleanable, non-absorbent floors, and light in color walls and ceilings. (ex: FRP, stainless steel, high gloss paint, etc.)
  • Water from an approved source
  • Adequate heating and/or refrigeration equipment for cooking, reheating, or holding foods at safe temperatures
  • An appropriate temperature measuring devices for checking internal food temperatures (probe-type thermometers or thermocouples)
  • An accurate thermometer for each hot/cold holding unit
  • Grease trap and ventilation hood if required

Approved Water Source/Water Wells
Water used for food preparation, handwashing, and dishwashing must come from an approved source.

The following sources are approved:

  • Community (municipal) water system (public water system).
  • Non-Community water system (public water system). This category includes on-site wells that supply more than 25 customers per day for a total of 60 days per year. These wells must be listed and approved by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ). TCEQ will oversee the testing requirements and operation of the wells. Contact the TCEQ Public Drinking Water Section at (512) 239-4691 for assistance.
  • Non-public (private) water system – This category includes wells that serve less than 25 customers per day for a total of 60 days per year. The well must be properly constructed, maintained, and operated. Prior to use, the water must be sampled for safe bacteriological quality and must be tested at least annually thereafter.

Restrictions on Commercial Food Preparation in a Home
The Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER), Section 228.174(k) states: A private home, a room used as living or sleeping quarters, or an area directly opening into a room used as living or sleeping quarters may not be used for conducting food establishment operations.

Texas Food Establishment Rules
Refer to the TFER for detailed information regarding these and other requirements. Note: TFER is enforced at the bare minimum. As the local regulatory authority, Angelina County jurisdiction enforces additional rules and regulations.

Mobile Food Unit Agreement
A mobile food unit operating in Angelina County is required to have a commissary serving as a base of operations for the mobile food unit and must be able to provide the services necessary to support the mobile food unit operation. A completed commissary agreement is required at the time of application for a Health Permit.

Foster Home Sanitation Inspection Application
The Angelina County & Cities Health District will conduct inspections as required by the licensing agency. Complete and return application to ACCHD to schedule an appointment for a sanitation inspection.

Outside Angelina County - $100
Inside Angelina County - $75
The inspection fee is due on or before time of inspection.

Payment can be made by cash or local check via in-person or by mail to:
503 Hill St.
Lufkin TX 75904.

Questions? Please call the Environmental Division at (936) 632-9109 or email; or visit us in person at 503 Hill Street, Lufkin TX 75901.

Temporary Event Permit Application
Each temporary food establishment under Angelina County & Cities Health jurisdiction, unless operated by a non-profit registered as a 501(C) organization, shall have a valid permit issued by the Environmental Division. A single event permit is valid for one individual food booth or unit at one specific event, and is valid for 14 consecutive days from the initial effective date. A multiple event permit is valid for one individual food booth or unit at multiple events for one (1) year from the initial effective date.

You may request a permit application by calling the division at (512) 834-6626, by e-mailing or or clicking here: Temporary Event Permit Application.


  • Single Event - $50 Valid for one individual food booth or unit at one specific event, and is valid for 14 consecutive days from the initial effective date.
  • Farmers Market - $100 Valid for one individual booth or unit, permit expires one year from issuance date.


  • Non Profit 501 (C) Organization: Proof of exemption from the IRS is required when submitting application.
  • Religious Organization: A religious origination meeting the definition of a church with the IRS must provide proof of exemption when submitting the application.

The submission of the permit application and payment of the fees may be completed in-office or via mail by cash or local check to:
503 Hill Street
Lufkin, TX 75904.

Public Swimming Pool Application
All establishments must be inspected and permitted prior to operation. A plan review fee of $175 is required for each application


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